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The Crafty Beer Box over the past 5 years has created a new and differentiated product range in the brewing and distilling industry. Essentially the product's we are currently developing are a range of beers and lagers which whilst maintaining its Alcohol By Volume (ABV), The product's are very low in calories and they have no sugar content and yet maintain their alcoholic content, taste and mouth sensation.

All this research has been conducted with qualitative research to ensure that the product tastes good. The product has been produced on a small scale and taste tested on 3 separate occasions, finishing 1st, 1st and 3rd against other major brewers and low calorie drinks. We conducted all this research with a well-respected University and accredited laboratories in the UK.

We are currently looking to launch the product through a major distributor and already have letters of intent from a huge wholesale and pub group.

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Taste Test

One of the UK's most reputable Universities for research and development conducted 3 separate taste tests. The taste tests were taken over 3 separate days, each taste test consisted of 50 people from ages of 18 to 85 years old. Therefore 150 people tasted and individually gave their opinions and scores. TCBB placed 1st & 3rd in taste test out of eight beers.

The Verdict

“A pleasant aroma, subtle malt character, complex fruitiness”

“A great balanced flavour of caramel malts, delicate roasted grains and mild hoppy bitterness”

“A smooth mouth feel, creamy and moreish, with a mild tangy finish”

“Great balance, smoothness and bittersweet character make this a very pleasant and good quality beer...”

The Crafty Beer Box