The Crafty Beer Box

The Market

The Global Beer Market will witness a steady growth in the coming years even without a revolutionary product hitting the market, which is expected to be worth $688.4 Billion by 2020, registering a 6% growth from 2015. Though with a product without sugar, half the calories of any other alcoholic drink and also gluten free then we would expect a growth of 25% by 2020, which our product would hold a minimum of 50% of the beer market as all brewers will want to buy our secret. Therefore our products worth by 2020 would be in the region north of $430 Billion.

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Beer Market Trends

Europe accounts for the highest revenue generating region in the global beer market followed by Asia-Pacific and North America. The growth in the North American and European region would be at a moderate pace in the future due to increasing health consciousness and legal regulations in the region. Though we have the key to represent huge growth against demanding lifestyles with our specially formulated enzyme with takes out Kcals and all sugars from alcoholic products and furthermore the products are gluten free.

The Crafty Beer Box